Meet Dr. Christopher LeMay, D.O. - Functional Medicine Specialist in Jupiter

Dr. Christopher LeMay, D.O.

He is proud to be part of a passionate, experienced team, caring for individuals who are dedicated to making their health a priority.

He served as chief resident at Mount Sinai Medical Center, spending time in rotations at Jackson Memorial Hospital and Miami Children’s hospital. After that, he completed a sports medicine fellowship at Northshore/Long Island Jewish Healthcare system in New York, following that up with a two year certified practitioner program with the Institute for Functional Medicine.

While he has worked as an emergency physician for many years and has provided event coverage across a variety of professional sports scenarios, he is most passionate about using functional medicine to help a person change their health outcomes.

He aims to look at the root cause of illness instead of the classic one-size-fits-all, “take this pill” approach. While medications and prescriptions are used within the practice, he believes that working towards health is far more complicated than band-aid prescriptions.

The practice philosophy is that each individual deserves a unique approach and it all starts with an understanding of the timeline of their health, an individualized lab/genetics data collection, and then partnering towards small steps based off of that information.

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We know that our approach is different from the common healthcare delivery model. We know that you may have more detailed questions about how it works and how it can benefit you. That’s why our care team is available and happy to discuss any and all of these questions.

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